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CyberInstaller Suite 2022
The ideal software solution to create powerful and reliable installation packages in the easiest and quickest way. Now supports Windows 11.
CyberInstaller Suite is a packetization and installation software oriented to any kind of developer. Thus, it can be applied to any language or development environment (.Net, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, .Net, etc.) and can be used either by the occasional programmer (free version) or by the professional developer (registered version).
The "Free" version is completely free of charge and allows you to distribute your own software in an easy and cheap way, but at a cost of some limitation.  Personal, Professional and Enterprise licenses make possible to use the software at the maximum of its capabilities, the latter two allowing you to distribute any commercial software with no limitation at all.

CyberInstaller Suite you can now distribute your software in a quicker and more effective way.

Modules embedded in the last available version are:

9.00.14848 (ENG)
4.10.0031 (ENG)
7.00.957 (ENG)
Updater 1.40.381 (ENG)
CIPEW 5.00.707 (ENG)
Downloader (ENG)

CyberInstaller is the core of CyberInstaller Suite. It is, in fact, the installer that your end users will see and it will make your application to work properly on any PC with any Microsoft operating system (Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Server, Vista, Seven, Server 2008/R2), both 32 and 64 bit.

CyberInstaller Studio is the software that will make it possible the creation of the installation packages, and allows, through a rich graphical user interface, to prepare the necessary folders structure and the creation of the installation script relying on your settings. All that in a completely automatic and assisted way. Furthermore CyberInstaller Studio gives you the possibility to transform the created package in a compressed auto-extracting executable file. This guarantees the distribution of your application through only one file and the end user will not have to do anything else other than run such file to launch the package decompression and to initialize its setup, everything in a completely transparent way.

CyberInstaller Extractor is the module needed to decompress the auto-extracting executable and, after that, to run the created installation package.

 CyberUpdater is the module for auto-searching and auto-install the on-line updates for all the CyberInstaller Suite modules or for the distributed applications. It can be run through a special button in the toolbar, or, by default, it runs silently at every CyberInstaller Studio startup (you can disable this at every moment), revealing itself just when the installation of a module is required.

CIPEW (CyberInstaller Portable Executable Wrapper) is the module to encapsulate the Setup.exe file, necessary for a perfect interface between the installer and your package.

CyberDownloader is the module for the automatic download, during an installation, of the software prerequirements not embedded in the package, necessary for a succesfull installation.

Main features

CyberInstaller Suite
relies its strength on some points that differentiate it from all the other similar software on the market, making it really the simplest, most versatile, cheapest and most powerful installer available:  
  1. installation/removal engine, compact, fast and reliable: the setup engine (CyberInstaller) allows to distribute your packages on any version of Windows, also without Windows Installer installed (and therefore without having to force the end user to a possible updating of this component). Besides, thanks to its  small size, it allows you to create extremely compact installation packages and therefore fit them for the internet distribution.

  2. detailed report of any change effected to the system destination during the installation and the removal: every action done by the installation/removal engine carefully comes recorded to video in real time (you can disable this setting) and in a text file, so that it will be easy be go back to all the changes brought to the system by the any package installation/removal.

  3. roll-backpossibility to bring the system back to the conditions before the installation in a completely transparent and quick way: it allows, in case of problems, to proceed with the restoring of the system to its preceding conditions (surely working). This cannot be done with a simple removal, but it is something more,  it is the roll-back of the system. If enabled during the creation of the installation package, it will automatically used during the setup, so that all the changes effected to the system will be recorded and a backup copy of any replaced file will be accomplished. This way, during the removal, it will be possible for the installation engine (therefore in a completely transparent way) to restore the system in the exact condition preceding the setup. All this automatically and without the user intervent.

  4. wizard for the creation of installation packages, endowed with a simple, intuitive, and functional graphic user interface, that will make possible to create in just a few minutes a fully functional installation package, reducing at the lowest rate the possibility to make mistakes. It has a Find Dependencies tool, able to manage Microsoft Visual Basic, Borland Delphi and .Net (any language) projects. Furthermore it gives you the possibility to compress the created package in an unique auto-extracting file.

  5. Edition in "Free" license is completely free of charge and it will allow to create freeware package without any limitations (only the advanced features will be disabled).

  6. multilanguage support: Italian and English included, but it will be possible to use the Translator intergrated tool to create definition language file in any language. Durint the package creation, Studio will do the job of including just the desired languages for you and, if more languages are found, at the beginning of the installation the user will be asked for the installation language.

  7. Find Dependencies tool, completely automatic: it finds all dependencies of a VB, Delphi, .Net (any language) project, or of any executable, and adds the run-time required files. It correctly recognize DAO, ADO, CrystalReports, ActiveReports, the .Net framework, third parties OCX, system files, used databases, resource files, etc..

  8. support to the Microsoft .NET technology, from version 1.x and 2.0, to the newest 3.0 and 3.5: CyberInstaller Suite is ready to be used with projects created with any .Net language, correctly adding the right framework version and any other required item to make software written using this technology work properly.

  9. creation and serial code management: Studio allows you to create a virtually infinite number of serials, everyone different from each other, relying on an unique generating key of your choice or randomly created. This will guarantee the possibility to mark your own installation packages, even each copy of them or for every type of user, allowing you to keep track of your users installation.

  10. compatibility with Micosotft Windows 7Vista, Server 2008 and XP: no issues with the most recent Microsoft operating systems. Future versions will be supported as soon as possible, with the release of quick updates, like for the now old Windows 9x versions (although unsupported by Microsoft itself).

  11. support to Microsoft Windows Installer (.msi) packages and Merge Modules (.msm): CyberInstaller gives you full support to Windows Installer, guaranteeing full compatibility with .msi packages and merge modules (with automatic conversion, if necessary). This is to guarantee the most easy distribution for those components usually not very trouble-free and already packaged by the manufacturer with Windows Installer, as the most recent Microsoft technology.

  12. components installation in side-by-side mode: possibility to install some criticals components with this special installation mode, allowed by Microsoft starting from Win98SE. This way even the most hard-to-install components can be distributed in the most simple way in the same folder where the executable is placed, avoiding lots of troubles that can make installations really annoying (registration of more versions of the same component/library, overwriting of old versions, etc.).

  13. assisted font installation: installing particoular fonts (characters-set) on the destintation system has never been easier! CyberInstaller allows you to add any font in an automatic and fully assisted way, in the easier way. Furhtermore, installing fonts on the destination system now does not need any system reboot.

  14. selectable output media between a compressed autoextracting executable (which you can give a custom icon), a package ready to be burnt on removeable disk (CD/DVD, with automatic autorun support and custom icon) or a web page ready to be uploaded on your web site, with a link that will allow users to download the package immediately.

  15. possibility to insert software prerequirements needed for the application to work correctly. Such prerequirements must be already existant or not existant (your choice) in destination system and they will not be installed if not specified. Relying upon this they can be embedded into the installation package or downloaded when needed.

  16. easy on-line updates to update the installed applications distributed with a package: your final users will be able to download and install them in a click and the updater can run silently.

  17. digital signatures for the executable files included in the package and for the package itself, without the original files being modified in any way.

And, last but not least, the possibility to contact and interact directly with the author for a continuous improvement and development of new features. Because remember: your feedback is vital to make our software grow up following your needs.

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DeltaForth File Builder, open-source project, hosted by CodePlex, uses CyberInstaller. 
Vsi Builder, tool by Alessandro Del Sole (never realized before in Italy and second in the world) to create .vsi packages for Microsoft Visual Studio, uses CyberInstaller.

CyberInstaller Suite - Follow the easy way.

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