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CyberInstaller Suite 2022
CyberInstaller  4.10.0031

It is the installation/uninstallation engine, the heart of CyberInstaller Suite. It is, in fact, the installer that your end users will see and it will deal with them to make your application work properly on any PC with any Microsoft operating system (XP, Server 2003, Vista, Seven, 8.x, 10, 11), 32 and 64 bit.

Main features: 
  • possibility to add software prerequirements, embedding them in the package or downloadable
  • possibility to add software version so that it is separated from package identifier
  • automatic language selection for separated tools
  • support to 64 bits systems (x64) and with more than 4 GB of RAM
  • possibility to define the type of the value to be saved in a registry key
  • compatibility with Microsoft Windows Vista, Seven, 8.x, 10, 11 (32 and 64 bit)
  • compatibility with UAC
  • ready for "Windows Vista Logo" program
  • the user can be asked for links creation (marked as optionals)
  • the user can be asked for extension association (marked as optionals)
  • possbility to use a custom path as extra destination folder
  • version number of the installed components are written in the "Installation Result.log"
  • possibility to save the Setup.exe full path (including drive) in the registry
  • support to fonts installation into any Windows version (Win95 and above)
  • support to Microsoft Windows Installer packages (.msi) and Merge Modules (.msm)
  • possibility to set some items as not to be removed during uninstall
  • SideBySide installation mode for components   
  • serial codes required to continue the setup
  • possibility to log the correct serial code inserted by the end user
  • management of minimum requirements (blocking and not)
  • multilanguage support to the installation/removal engine
  • run of external applications with command line parameters
  • minimum interaction installation mode
  • update installation mode
  • check of package executable files execution before che installation/removal/updating
  • "always overwrite" copy mode
  • compatibility with Winodws XP Service Pack 2
  • possibility not to display the installation/removal details
  • installation/removal details visualization on user request
  • support to . Net technology 
  • .Net framework recognition on destination system and installation only if needed
  • support to WinXP themes
  • graphic user interface customization (background, transparencies, images, colors, etc.)
  • possibility to insert your own cutomized credits [only license Personal or Professional]
  • possibility to eliminate the credits button [only license Personal or Professional]
  • possibility to add a default value for a new registry key
  • name of the application to be installed and software author/producer
  • silent installation [only license Personal or Professional]
  • read-only installation [only license Personal or Professional]
  • roll-back system (it brings the system back to the preceding conditions)
  • list of external applications to run before and/or after the installation process
  • conditional run of the external applications 
  • execution sincrona/asincrona external applications
  • list of folders to be created
  • list of components to install (with registration and automatic confirmation)
  • possible automatic overwriting of a component, without intervention of the end user
  • list of fonts to be installed
  • list of other additional files (icons, images, etc.) to be copied
  • list of attributes to be set to files/folders
  • list of keys/values to be created in the Windows registry
  • list of extensions to be associated to an executable(s)
  • list of links to be created in the Start Menu
  • possible to create links everywhere (desktop, start-up, etc.)
  • installation for current user/all users
  • readme files to be displayed at the beginning/end of the setup
  • auto run of the installed application at Windows start-up
  • system reboot at the end of installation if needed
  • complete uninstall of the installed application
  • start of uninstallation through Winodws Control Panel and/or Start Menu link
  • installation starting from an unique compressed auto-extracting executable file
  • possibility to freely distribute your own applications
  • customization parameters (transparencies, moveable windows, background, font, etc.)
  • detailed system information
  • visualization of preinstallations notes and readme files
  • visualization of the license to be accepted to continue installation
  • choice of the folder in which to install the application
  • visualization of the total and free destination disk space
  • selection of the Start Menu group folder where links will be created
  • real time visualization of the installation/removal progress
  • real time visualization of the changes brought by the installer to the destination system
  • possible confirmation before running any external application
  • confirmation before overwriting any file already existant on the destination system
  • system files version check before overwriting and visualization of the recommanded choice
  • possible to save the installation/removal summary/result
  • choice between a fully automatic or manual uninstall
  • real-time visualization of all the changes brought to the system during the removal process
  • real-time visualization of the removal progress
  • visualization of the not removed items and percentage of freed disk space
  • extraction, decrompress and startup of the setup in a single step

Tests accomplished by different beta testers:
  • no bug that result in installation failure
  • no bug that result in removal failure
  • destination system does not get harmed in any way
  • destination system is not modified under any aspect that do not respect the installation itself
  • roll-back system actually allows you to bring the system back to its original conditions before the installation, even after a massive system files overwriting.
  • on all systems used as test, no hardware or software damages occourred and no data has been lost

CyberInstaller has been tested on Microsoft Windows XP, 10, 11 (both 32 and 64 bit) without any issue: test installation (and their uninstallation) have been succesfully accomplished.

CyberInstaller Suite - Follow the easy way.

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