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CyberInstaller Suite 2022
Purchase registered licenses (Personal, Professional, Enterprise)
CyberInstaller Suite registered licenses (Personal, Professional and Enterprise) offer many advantages compared to the Free, as full access to all the features implemented in Studio (except for the most advanced features, not available in Personal license), without any limit in number of components you can add or in total package size.

Please download the price-list PDF document for the complete differences between the licenses, their price and the purchasing methods (pdf format, printable).
Advantages of registering
Registered licenses offer:

possibility to generate a virtually infinite number of serial codes
multilanguage support with Translator tool integrated in Studio [Pro/Ent only]
minimum interaction installation mode (fewer steps for the user to complete the process)
completely silent installation (nothing appears to the user)
read only installation mode (user cannot modify any setting)
SilverCyberTech credits removal from "?" window of CyberInstaller
SilverCyberTech credits removal from installation start-up splash screen [Pro/Ent only]
use of Explorer-like GUI with no limits, to add data (files/folders) to the package
detailed credits customization
integrated script editor
extra destination folder for special components installation [Pro/Ent only]
enabled help tools for package assisted creation
Find Dependencies tool with no limitations
package creation starting from an installation script
import from Microsoft Visual Studio Package&Deployment Wizard
no limits for items that can be added (components, links, folders, etc.)
no limits in the maximum package size
possibility to customize executable properties
[Pro/Ent only]
technical support (by email or cellular)

bug correction in the shortest time possible and possible requested additional implementations
silent execution of auto-extracting packages [Pro/Ent only]
software prerequiremts with automatic download on-the-fly if needed [Ent only]
possibility to distribute commercial packages too [Pro/Ent only] 
customizable on-line Updater to update the distributed applications [Ent only]

A unique advangate given by Professional and Enterprise licenses only is the possibility to distribute commercial packages. With any other license (Beta, Free and Personal) it is only possible to distribute freeware packages (a message will be shown to the final user).

See license comparision summary table

How to update your license

Once you have purchased a registered license (Personal, Professional or Enterprise), the corresponding activation code (linked to the license holder name that will be used to sign in the created installation packages) will be sent from SilverCyberTech to your email inbox.

Such code must be inserted in the Studio module, in "Tools/Options/License" window, "Unlock code" field.

NOTE: Remember that all the created packages will be always digitally signed with the license holder name!


Official price-list

FREE - € 0.00 - free - Download now
for hobbyist use and freeware packages
free of charge to download and use without time limits
reduced set of functionalities
for freeware packages only 
support through forum e users community only

PERSONAL new user: € 39.90Buy now...
for freeware packages, limited functionalities

basic features only, advanced and network ones not included
for freeware packages only
6 months of technical support (via email)
bugfixes free of charge until major version update

update: 23.94 Buy now...
for owners of a Personal license
40% discount on new user license

PROFESSIONAL new user: € 129.90Buy now...
for professional software developers, commercial packages too

all features enabled except for network ones
for commercial packages too
1 year of technical support (via email)
bugfixes free of charge until major version update

update: 77.94 Buy now...
for owners of a Professional license
40% discount on new user license

upgrade-path from Personal: 90.93Buy now...
for owners of a Personal license
30% discount on new user license
ENTERPRISE new user: € 169.90 Buy now...
for professional software developers, software houses or other companies

all features enabled and fully functional (network ones oncluded)
for commercial packages too
1 year of technical support (via email)
bugfixes free of charge until major version update

update: 101.94 Buy now...
for owners of an Enterprise license
40% discount on new user license

upgrade-path from Professional: 118.93 Buy now...
for owners of a Professional license
30% discount on new user license

Promo 3x2: "buy 2 get 3" Buy now...
every 2 Professional or Enterprise licenses you buy, you will get 1 more for free!
eg.: purchasing 2 licenses, you will get 3
eg.: purchasing 4 licenses, you will get 6
eg.: purchasing 6 licenses, you will get 9


 Payment methods

PAY PAL (credit card or PayPal account)
        Enter the on-line shop to accomplish the purchase with a credit/pre-paid card now.

For the international bank account contact the customers service.
                It is recommended to send payment acknowledgment to the customers service.

As soon as payment is done, it is recommended to send an email to the customer service specifying the registered license holder's name (case-sensitive). Installation packages created will be signed in with such name. Immediate shipping of the activation code will follow (within 24 working hours or less).

Contact the customer service for any doubt or explanation and to receive the needed assistance to conclude the purchase in the best way. We are at your total disposal and we will answer you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours or less).


PayPal leader mondiale dei pagamenti on-line e garantisce i tuoi acquisti fino a € 1000,00. Oltre 100 milioni di utenti lo usano tutti i giorni.

Con PayPal potrai portare a termine pagamenti gratuitamente e in totale sicurezza tramite la tua carta di credito, prepagata, o tramite il saldo del tuo conto, sempre senza condividere mai i tuoi dati finanziari con il venditore.


License upgrade path:



CyberInstaller Suite - Follow the easy way.

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