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SilverCyberTech team

CyberInstaller Suite and CyberEasyManager are software designed and developed by Sergio Pappalardo: project-manager, founder and development leader, of SilverCyberTech team.

 Company: SilverCyberTech of Pappalardo Sergio
 Fiscal code: PPPSRG78C07A471M
 VAT code: 03373380249
 Address: Via P. Maroncelli, 2/A (int. 5)
36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI)
 Cellular: +39 380 4613827
 Web site: www.silvercybertech.com
 Customer service: info@silvercybertech.com
 Technical support: support@silvercybertech.com

Contact the 
SilverCyberTech customers service for further informations about CyberInstaller Suite or to request the activation code for the registered licenses. Contact the technical support only for bug reporting, problems using the software or software customization.

Evenmore, you can interact
directly with the author, one of SilverCyberTech strength point for continuous improvements and development of new functionalities. Because remember: your feedback is vital to make our software grow up following your needs! Help us to solve your needs.

CyberInstaller - Look ahead.

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Via P. Maroncelli, 2/A (int. 5) - 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI) - ITALY -
c.f. PPPSRG78C07A471M - p.iva 03373380249
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