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Some of the most satisfied professionists owner of a registered license

Lots of users are highly satisfied with CyberInstaller Suite for their needs. Companies, privates and other organizations have found an improvement of their activity thanks to the power, versatility and ease of use offered by CyberInstaller Suite. Some of them wanted to be testimonials, showing their trust in CyberInstaller Suite and its fruitful usage.

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SilverCyberTech really thanks all of those who gave their agreement to appear in this page to promote our software telling their sincere opinion to the whole Internet community. Thanks you so much!

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 Our testimonials

Visual Basic Tips & Tricks
Managed by Gianluca Cannalire
Consiglio di Stato (U.S.A.I.) and
Tribunali Amministrativi Regionali
(Dipartimento di Giustizia, Roma - Italian Government)

MenuCreator: add-in for Visual Basic 6.0 to create advanced menus, powerful and easy to use.

"It's excellent! With CIS you can whatever you want of a project! User interface absolutely easy to use, quick to learn and well built. Composition wizards (excellent!) drive you step by step towards the creation of not trivial projects. For VB developers there is a fantastic tool Find Dependencies: you give it the source project .vbp and it's able to find all files used by the project (even databases, manuals, images, sounds, etc.). Finally: it prevents many headaches when it's the moment to retrieve components and libraries. For the ones who are not expert in installation, CIS is really a must."
Frasca Giorgio
Consulent analysis and management software developement.

"CIS is, for me, a really professional solution at a shareware cost."
Giurintano Giuseppe
Software Development for managing of personal accounting.

"Software easy to learn, nice and functional graphic user interface, installation sets with a professional look."
Gianfranco Marano
Develops solutions that make easier everyday work and gives you advantages that make  you save time and resources.

Raffaele Battani

"Complete and easy to use software, recommanded."

Musitano Pietro & Delfino Raimondo
Software development

"CIS works very well, nice to use and to look at. It is really better to the Microsoft(c) installer that comes along its development environments. Software recommaned."
AEDES Software per Civil Engineering
Leader Software for the Restructuring and Antiseismic Consolidation
Information technology and system integration
Socrate snc
In-plant information technology advising, customized software development.

MDA s.a.s.
Customized software development. CAD, CAM, graphics software, automation.

"CIS is a great software to make safe and reliable installation. It's fast, worth looking at and it's cheap. Very important is the efficient and always ready technical support by SilverCyberTech team. Some little defects of youngness, usually quickly fixed, does not invalidate the more than just positive verdict."
Autocosmo SA
Mercedes-Benz specialized workshop. Your "Star" in the center of the universe.

"We use CIS because it's the best ever! It's easy to use, intuitive and flexible for every need and... why not, graphically outstanding."
Castro Marco
Blustring accounting of Mirko Caporali
Blustring is a portal for accountants, data computing centers, small and medium enterprises, that offers the professional software Blustring for accounting manage, the only professional program directly developed by who has always worked in this sector.

"With CIS I'm sure to make reliable installation packages quickly, for my software end users. Furthermore, thanks to CIS graphic interface extremely intuitive, the package creation or their editing, really requires a few minutes. I don't think exists a similar product better than CIS on the market ."
MaxSoft of Massimiliano Fabbri
Software developing and information technology consulting. VB6/.Net, ASP, PHP development. Support, advising and Open Source software development. MaxSoft uses CyberInstaller Professional.

"With CIS 2005 we have solved all the incompatibility and version problems we had with Microsoft Installer. Compared to it, using CyberInstaller is a ked game. MaxSoft."
Internet, Networking and Hardware.

"Excellent product, poweful, flexible, easy to use. The software installation process is fully automatized thanks to the feature that allows you to encapsulate into the package external applications (eg. third parties installers), to be run before or after the installation."
Congenius Software Engineering
of Giuseppe La Rocca
Often the solution to many problems of a company is a simple software.

"It's a great software, because it's easy to use and works fine."
Diffusio It Consulting & Store

"As software house we had always considered the setup making a very time-consuming task and with a high possibility to make errors. Adopting CyberInstaller Suite simply made us forget about the installations! Now the package creation is quick and pain-free and we can give our customers a smart and professional picture of us."
BitPrograms - by Elio Danesi
Play and learn
Ed. Didattiche Gulliver
Hardware - Software - Web

"CIS is the best installation software that you can find on the market: easy to use, intuitive, with a smart graphic user interface. With CIS even who is a newbie is able to realize professional installations for his own applications."
Acutek Information Technilogy Solutions
Analysis, Design and Development of Information Technology Custom Solutions.

"We think that CIS is a real professional product, easy to use and powerful at the same time. It saves a lot of time while preparing installation packages and... headaches free! Other solutions we tested cannot even compare to CIS. Excellent!!!"
Giuseppe Borgonuovo

"Excellent compiler, under continuous improvement. Excellent graphic user interface and very powerful features."
Progetto Archimede Software
Software development finalized to structural calculus in particular to steel structures. Software for the publishing and custom solutions.
3D Solution S.a.s.
Information technology company specialized in  networking, hardware and management software, tutoring and forniture for public administration.

"Easy to use and effective tool for setups creation. Really reduced imlementation time with excellent results for stability and reliability."
Design and development of led elettronic displays.

"Excellent software for software distribution, expecially under the quality/price point of view and for the technical support and assistence."
Football Club Manager
Software per la gestione, analisi ed organizzazione della societÓ sportiva di calcio.

"Quando la necessitÓ Ŕ utilizzare un prodotto facile, intuitivo e che non crei problemi su centinaia di installazioni, nulla di meglio di CyberInstaller Suite, grazie!"
Mario De Ghetto (Microsoft Visual Basic MVP)
Software developer
books writer

"The best installer ever created. Easy to use, a work of pure genius and absolutely not one of the many toy-utility around. For your software distribution, with CyberInstaller Suite you'll avoid many headaches!"
  Alessandro Del Sole (Microsoft Visual Basic MVP)
Microsoft Visual Basic MVP, Author of .NET programming books and tons of .NET programming articles, software developer and Visual Basic T&T Team Member.

"I develop applications based on Microsoft .NET Framework and write books and articles about .NET development. CyberInstaller Suite is the one and only non-Microsoft installer in the world which allows a perfect prerequisites management for .NET applications, making me sure my installations will never fail. CIS lets you control every aspect of all the installation steps in a really intuitive way, moreover it’s really easy to use. Professional developers can have a deep control of the operating system during  installations (e.g. on system registry and folders) while newbies can create their own installers with a very few mouse clicks. Its modern and exciting user interface makes CIS even more interesting. The forthcoming version 2007, which I’m proud to  have been a beta-tester for, natively supports the .NET Framework 3.0 and is an important step in developing for Windows Vista. CIS is a product which a developer cannot miss among his own development tools."
Maurizio Cagliani
Software professional developer

"I found in CIS an intuitive tool, easy to use and effective at the same time, with a logical user interface. Furthermore, I'd like to underline the availability and wht will of the author to listen to the needs af all the users. Summing up, an excellent product!
Analysis, Design and Development of Software solutions

"CIS is a professional product, easy to use and powerful. With easy steps you can create professional installation packages that do their job greatly. Final comment: excelent product."
GeByte di Davide Fain
Management software development

"We use CIS to install our ERP system developed in .NET. Considering all needs that a whole ERP system requires, CIS has always been efficient and precise in all different modules installation. CIS is a very intuitive product, easy to use but at the same time extremely professional. To distribute a good ERP you need a good installer solution and CIS is the answer.

Since 08/11/2005 the order of Italian Government Consiglio di Stato (U.S.A.I.) and Tribunali Amministrativi Regionali uses CyberInstaller Suite Professional.

DeltaForth File Builder, open-source project, hosted by CodePlex, uses CyberInstaller. 
Vsi Builder, tool by Alessandro Del Sole (never realized before in Italy and second in the world) to create .vsi packages for Microsoft Visual Studio, uses CyberInstaller.

Even Blustring ContabilitÓ uses CyberInstaller suite. Blustring is a portal for accountants, data computing centers, small and medium enterprises, that offers the professional software Blustring for accounting manage, the only professional program directly developed by who has always worked in this sector.


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