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CyberInstaller Suite 2011 v1.15 
Create powerful and reliable installation packages in a few minutes!

CyberInstaller Suite is a packetization and installation software, oriented to every kind of developer. Thus, it can be applied to any language or development environment (
.Net, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, etc.) and can be used either by the occasional programmer (free version), or by the professional developer (registered version).

The Free version is completely free of charge and allows you to distribute your own software in the easiest and cheapest possible way. CyberInstaller Suite (CIS) highlights itself from other installers for being very easy to use and for the many features and the great versatility offered.

 Brand new 2011 release now available! (2011/05/09 - last update on 2011/09/01) 
After more than a year since the last version, now available the long awaited 2011 release, with full support to Vista, Seven, Server 2008, both 32 and 64 bits. In addition, with automatic online updates, it gives your users the ability to update the installed applications. All this, together with many other new features and several bug-fixes, makes the 2011 the most substantial version ever released.
 proprietary engine
    upgraded and even more flexible and reliable
CyberInstaller Suite 2011 box new
 detailed summary
    of changes applied to the system

for the safest installations
assisted package creation
 Dependencies Finder
    completely automatic tool

multilanguage support
enanched, Translator tool included
serial codes
    creation and automatic management of infinite codes
minimum requirements
    easy and intuitive management
Microsoft .Net Framework
    embedded support to framework 1.x, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4

all Microsoft Windows versions
    including Vista, Seven, Server 2008 R2, 32/64 bit systems
on-line updates
automatic, for all installed application too
 Windows Installer
    embedded support to .msi and .msm
enanched installation with no system reboot needed
installation mode for special components in a couple of mouse clicks
flexible output
    at your choice between executable, CD/DVD, web page
software prerequirements
    with possibility to be downloaded on the fly during installation

Interactive video tutorials

They will allow you to quickly learn all the functionalities of CyberInstaller Suite in a quick and amusing way! Besides it will be a good occasion to show some potential of CyberInstaller Suite at work. Don't miss them!

And if you want a video tutorial about a particoular video feature, just ask the customers service.

Buy registered licenses

Registered licenses (Personal, Professional and Enterprise) offer many advantages compared to the Free one, as unlimited access to all features (but only the Professional and Enterprise enable the most advanced ones), number of components that can be added to the installation package or package size.

Professional and Enterprise licenses, furthermore, are the only ones to allow the distribution of commercial packages without restrictions and some unique features. 

 Forum and Blog    
The forum is the place where you can ask questions, tell ideas and critics, report bugs and compare techniques for creating an installation package with other users or discussing about the most appropriate way to use CyberInstaller Suite.

The blog is a kind of on-line diary about CyberInstaller Suite or any other SilverCyberTech
software. Here Sergio Pappalardo, author of the software, will write about development progresses, thoughts, impressions and ideas. If you don't want to register to the forum, this is the correct place where you can write comments and signalings: no registration required!


 Testimonials: what they say about us...

Lots of users are highly satisfied with CyberInstaller Suite for their needs. Users, companies, corporations and other organizations have found an improvement of their activity thanks to the power, versatility and ease of use offered by CyberInstaller Suite.
Some of them wanted to be testimonials, showing their trust in CyberInstaller Suite. Become a testimonial now! You will have your logo on our site.


SilverCyberTechfor further informations about CyberInstaller Suite, problems about its use or anything you might want to ask or say. We will be glad to help you!

customer service
technical support

(+39) 328 7431618

egal address:
Via P. Maroncelli, 2/a int. 5
36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI) - ITALY

Visual Basic -  T&T recommends CyberInstaller as professional installer solution, in both editions, free and registered.

Since 08/11/2005 the order of Italian Government Consiglio di Stato (U.S.A.I.) and Tribunali Amministrativi Regionali (TAR) uses CyberInstaller Suite Professional.

Data screenshot

Links screenshot

Depst screenshot

DeltaForth File Builder, open-source project, hosted by CodePlex, uses CyberInstaller. 
Vsi Builder, tool by Alessandro Del Sole (never realized before in Italy and second in the world) to create .vsi packages for Microsoft Visual Studio, uses CyberInstaller.

CyberInstaller Suite is partner of...

CyberInstaller Suite - Look ahead.

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