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CyberTaskTimer v1

From this page you can download CyberTaskTimer.
Even if it does not need a real setup, the easy-of-use of this kind of distribution (thanks to CyberInstaller Suite) this software is distributed through an installable package.

CTT 1.32.611 - Setup full
2,26 MB

07/23/2008 Full package (if you are a new user)
CTT 1.32.611 - Setup update 2,26 MB 07/23/2008 Update package (if you already have CTT installed)


Even if CyberTaskTimer would not need a real installation, in the full package there is an installation routine (made with CyberInstaller Suite) that will install all its modules in the selected destination folder (automatically creating the folder and files structures required to immediately start to create your installation packages). Download the auto-extracting file, run it and just clic the "Install" button to run CyberInstaller that, through a simple wizard, will install CyberTaskTimer.


Downloading "update" package it will be possible to update an already installed version of CyberTaskTimer, without having to download the whole package again and without having to remove the already installed copy. The only thing to be careful to, is that the update will only work for versions it is suited for.


Because CyberTaskTimer does not need a real installation, to uninstall it just delete its folder. Anyway, if you downloaded and installed the full package, it is possible to use the removal provided by CyberInstaller itself, that during the installation will have created a link in your Start Menu. As alternative, you can use the "Installation Applications" applet in Windows "Control Panel", by selecting ""CyberTaskTimer"" item and clicking the "Install Applications" button.

Bug reporting

If during the use of CyberTaskTimer an error occours or you want to communicate your opinions, critics, ideas, or just reporting a bug, directly contact the author. He will release a patch or an update as quicker as possible, to satisfy your need. The whole SilverCyberTech team thanks you in advance for your precious feed-back!

Be more productive.

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