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CyberTaskTimer v1 
Your time is precious! Find out who (or what) steals it from you and... save it!
Have you ever wished to know if and how much you working day has been productive? How long have you been distracted by email? By you instans messaging contacs? By browsing on your favourite web sites or by your beloved videogame? How much time have all this kept you off from your work? Well, CyberTaskTimer  perfectly answers to this need!

CyberTaskTimer is a little freeware utility whose only target is to monitor any application is used, timing its using time. At system start-up it taks place near the Winodws clock (tray area) and it activates immediately.

Time how you use your PC at work

Its user graphic interface (GUI) is simply made of two lists. One, the "applications log", is the history of all the used applications (or, more precisely, of all the windows brought to front, whose application they belong to will be automatically detected by CyberTaskTimer), reporting the executable file, title, date, start-up time and time of use. Two, the "statistics", activated by clicking on the same name tab, shows a classification of the most used applications, summing up the using times of all the windows belonging to the same application (so the using time will be grouped by application) and a chart of the most 10 used applications.

CyberTaskTimer may be also used to log all applications run on your own computer and even more, not only the applications, but all the windows that have been showed (even the screensaver and the browsed web-sites). This way you can detect improper use of your system/account and prohibited use of the account where CyberTaskTimer is installed to.

A note: CyberTaskTimer is able to deactivate itself automatically when current session is terminated, so not only when current user get disconnected from Windows, but even when he locks the session or uses the fast-user-change mode of Windows XP and abowe (<WIN> + <L> to activate it); the same when the screensaver activates. This way only the real use of the PC will be timed and not the inactivity time.

IMPORTANT: at any time you can deactivate CyberTaskTimer by clickin with right mouse button on its tray-icon, that will show up the control menu. A double click on the tray-icon will open up its main window.

About privacy

CyberTaskTimer does not contain any malware at all and does not communicates in any way to any Internet server or in any other way. The created database is placed in user Documents (in sub-folder "CyberTaskTimer", with "dat" extension, text-plain) and everything accours hiding nothing to the user.

Free of charge!

CyberTaskTimer is freeware, completely free of charge for any use you want to do: private at home, or professional for your business. There are no commercial licenses, there are no additional functionalities to be activated, there is no adware, there is no malware and no hidden way to finance this freeware software.

CyberTaskTimer is absolutely free!

Be more productive.

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