Change log

On this page you can find the complete list of all the news, changes and bug-fixes made to the release of each new version of CyberTaskTimer. Each version is cumulative, so that is sufficient to install the latest version available to get all the news and bug-fixes introduced by the previous versions.
Refer to this page before asking technical support questions.




04/05/2020 - v2.10.976 BETA
  • NEW: if application DB is being corrupted an automatic restore will be tempted
  • NEW: possibility to enable the option to check and fix the DB automatically at startup
  • NEW: conversion issues and NUL chars in the DB will be automatically fixed
  • CHANGE: stats are much quicker to be calculated, even more than ten times compared to the previous version
  • FIXED: application DB issue occours if "NUL" chars will happen to be written
  • FIXED: stats creation issue occours if date is misformed of corrupted
  • FIXED: saving the stats the result will be always reset to "today" filter
  • FIXED: progrssion bar does not progress correctly during stats computing
  • FIXED: sometimes applications listed in stats are not joined up

08/07/2019 - v2.03.577 BETA

  • CHANGED: application log and statistics lists column names
  • FIXED: some applications are not recognized ("[not found]") eventhough their active window is correctly detected

19/06/2019 - v2.02.565 BETA
  • NEW: keyboard shortcuts for main menu commands
  • NEW: search in application log and statistics lists

13/06/2019 - v2.01.504 BETA
  • FIXED: Access Violation error every second if application log DB does not exist
  • FIXED: error with automatic backup if DB does not exist
  • FIXED: spelling mistakes with English strings

10/06/2019 - v2.00.492 BETA
  • NEW: user interface skin (can be deactivated)
  • NEW: options window that allows you to customize the use of the software according to your needs
  • NEW: information and options window for automatic and/or manual software updates
  • NEW: automatic and/or manual application database backup
  • NEW: possibility to delete or reset the application database
  • NEW: possibility to set the window always on top
  • NEW: possibility of sending bug reports directly to the development team
  • NEW: events and errors log
  • NEW: multi-language installation package (English/Italian)
  • NEW: digitally signed executable with validated Comodo/Sectigo international certificate
  • CHANGED: new interface, menu and toolbar
  • CHANGED: improved graphics and icons with transparencies
  • FIXED: impact practically zeroed on the CPU workload
  • FIXED: full compatibility with Windows 10 (32/64 bit)
  • FIXED: unnamed or unrecognized applications are ignored in the statistics
  • FIXED: the main column of the application log list is correctly resized when the window is resized

14/04/2008 - v1.1
  • NEW: first final release version

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