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SilverCyberTech makes software since 2007 and offers an installer and a personal data-manager as its main products. It also offers customized solutions based on these products or brand new products based on customer needs.

Are you a professional developer? Or a manager? It doesn't really matter, because in both situations we have the software capable to greatly speed up your job and able to give you more effectiveness than you have experienced till today.

SilverCyberTech™ presents its most succesfull and award-winning product CyberInstaller Suite. And adds from today a new software, the first portable data-manager in the world, CyberEasyManager. They are both freeware in their basic version that can be used with no time limit at all. Their Professional editions will allow you to access all those functionalities that will let you push them to the maximum and give you all the versatility and power you nedd for your business.

Finally, CyberTaskTimer is a small, completely freeware utility that will allow you to be more productive by analyzing the time you use your computer and providing you with statistics and graphs.

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CyberInstaller Suite 2024 v1.1 - (2024/02/14)  

Create reliable installation packages for your software in a a few minutes!

The multi-award-winning CyberInstaller Suite will allow you to use the last technology about software distribution in a very easy to use way and with very few clicks.

It can be used with any developing environment (
.Net, C, C++, Delphi, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, ecc.) and it has become the official installer recommended by Visual Basic T&T, used also by the order of Italian Government Consiglio di Stato Italiano (USAI) and Tribunali Amministrativi Regionali  (TAR). 

Try it, you will be amazed! Some of its functionalities: proprietary compact and reliable engine, support for any Winodws version (32/64 bit), support to .Net, esclusive roll-back system, wizard for assisted packages creation with automatic dependencies detection, multilanguage support, support to Windows Installer (.msi and .msm packages), automatic updates for the distributed applications and digital signatures for the package and the executable files within.

CyberEasyManager 2020 v3.5 (2020/09/04) - ITALIAN only!

Manage you business and carry your office with you, anywhere you are!

With CyberEasyManager you can take all your customers always with you and the business they make for you: the products, the services, the store, the appointments, the to-do list, the budget management, your notes directly on the Windows desktop  and much more.

All your databases everywhere with you, always. This is possible with CyberEasyManager because its is the first portable data manager, able to run and work even from a removable drive or from a USB pen without leaving any file or other things on the system. However an installable fixed version is available, if you prefer that.

Security, transparency, easy-of-use and everything you need to keep on your business, always with you.

CyberTaskTimer v2.10 - (2020/05/04)

Have you ever wanted to know if and how your workday was profitable? How long have we been "distracted" by emails? From our contacts on social networks? From browsing our favorite websites or from our beloved video game? How much time did we take away from work? CyberTaskTimer responds perfectly to this need!

CyberTaskTimer is a small freeware utility (free!) whose sole purpose is to monitor any application that is used, timing the usage time. At the start it is positioned near the Windows clock, in the lower right corner of the taskbar (sys-tray) and is activated immediately.

CyberTaskTimer can also be used to retrace all the programs that have been opened on your computer, indeed, not only the programs, but all the windows that have been viewed (including the screensaver and the websites displayed). In this way you can also go back to any improper use of the system and any unauthorized uses...

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Lots of users are highly satisfied with CyberInstaller Suite for their needs. Users, companies, corporations and other organizations have found an improvement of their activity thanks to the power, versatility and ease of use offered by CyberInstaller Suite.
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