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Your time is precious! Find out who (or what) steals it from you and... save it.
Have you ever wanted to know if and how your workday was profitable? How long have we been "distracted" by emails? From our contacts on social networks? From browsing our favorite websites or from our beloved video game? How much time did we take away from work? CyberTaskTimer responds perfectly to this need!

CyberTaskTimer is a small freeware utility (free!) whose sole purpose is to monitor any application that is used, timing the usage time. At the start it is positioned near the Windows clock, in the lower right corner of the taskbar (sys-tray) and is activated immediately.

Time your PC work time

Its interface consists simply of two lists: one, called "Applications log", is a history of all the applications used (or more precisely, of all the windows brought to the foreground, whose application of belonging will be automatically detected), reporting executable file, title, date, start time and time of use; the second one, named "Statistics", will report a ranking of the most used applications, starting from the most used one and showing the total usage times. Naturally the classification will be carried out by adding the times of all the windows belonging to the same application (therefore the times of use will be grouped by application).

CyberTaskTimer can also be used to retrace all the programs that have been opened on your computer, indeed, not only the programs, but all the windows that have been viewed (including the screensaver and the websites displayed). In this way you can also go back to any improper use of the system and any unauthorized uses...

NOTE: CyberTaskTimer is able to automatically deactivate itself when the current session is terminated, so not only when the current user disconnects from Windows, but also when the session is blocked or the user-change is used using the <WIN> + <L> keys combination, the same when the screensaver starts working. Likewise, once your session is reactivated, CyberTaskTimer will reactivate automatically. In this way only the actual use of the PC will be timed, excluding inactivity times.

NB: at any time it is possible to deactivate CyberTaskTimer by right-clicking on its icon in the sys-tray (which will display the control menu) and then left-clicking on the appropriate option. A double click on its icon will open its main window instead.

Privacy notes

CyberTaskTimer does not contain malware of any kind and does not communicate with the outside world in any way. The database created is found in the user's Documents ("CyberTaskTimer" folder, .dat extension, normal plain text file) and everything happens without hiding anything to the user.

It's free!

CyberTaskTimer is freeware, thus means completely free for any kind of usage: private or professional, even in corporates. There are neither licenses to be paid, nor additional functionalities to activate, nor time limits, now adware and no hidden funding at all.
CyberTaskTimer costs absolutely nothing!

Contact us for suggestions

If you have suggestions, requests for implementations or bug reports, contact SilverCyberTech at the following email address: info@silvercybertech.com. The development team will be happy to accommodate you (if possible)!

CyberTaskTimer - Be more productive.

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